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Around the Horn…

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The Pew Research survey was released on July 18.  Despite Obama’s push for evangelical votes and the support he has gained evangelicals like Tony Campolo, he is polling in line with Sen. John Kerry and below Vice President Al Gore.  Any theories on why?  For the full report, click here.

Pew Research on Evangelical Votes

I’ve found a lot of arguments over the years actually boil down to economics.  Unfortunately, people are willing to say so much about it when they understand so little.  Dr. Walter Williams offers a great primer via his weekly column.  Learn and enjoy…  Actually, you can print these all out, staple them together, read them and get a better economics education than 95% of the living world. 

Rasmussen reports that 49% of voters believe reporters will try to help Barack Obama win the presidency.  Odd, who would have ever guessed? 

Click Picture for Full Report on Media Research Center Report on Media Bias

Click image for Full Report

Around the Horn…

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If any of you are a fan of Tad Delay’s blog you will notice I have adopted (stolen is more accurate) my concept for ‘Around the Horn’ from his Meanderings

John McCain would become a much more exciting candidate and have a great chance of winning if he would take the One Term Pledge

‘Why We’re Not Emergent’ has proven to be a great read through about page 60.  Follow a link to download the first few chapters for free.  More on this later…

If you don’t know Chip Ingram, you should.  His series on Nehemiah at DTS in 2004 was amazing.